Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Extraordinary Personal Action Saves a Life

"I saw an elderly lady hunched over and I knew it didn't look right," Caitlin McKinnon said as she recounted her actions.

Greater Rochester Chapter
Executive Director  James Love 
Presents the 
Certificate of  Extraordinary Personal Action
to Caitlin McKinnon
Caitlin was shopping at Trader Joe's in Pittsford, NY, when she heard a woman yelling, "Mom, Mom! Someone help!!" Caitlin saw an elderly lady clutching onto a cart. Caitlin, a registered nurse, carefully brought the woman to the floor and felt for a pulse. The woman did not have a pulse, so Caitlin asked the woman's daughter if she could give her mom CPR. Caitlin immediately began CPR, and within about 30 seconds, the woman woman took a breath. When the ambulance arrived, the elderly had a pulse and was able to speak.

"Caitlin in my mind has always been a hero because of the career she is in," said her sister, Lindsay. "But during an ordinary day at the grocery store, she continues to help others when in need."

Last month at the Greater Rochester Chapter, the Red Cross was proud to present Caitlin the Certificate of Extraordinary Personal Action. This certificate is awarded to individuals who save or sustain a life by action that exemplifies the mission of American Red Cross Preparedness, Health and Safety Services. 

Due to Caitlin's quick thinking, she was able to revive this woman and help save her life. Emergencies can strike anytime, anywhere, and every second counts. Having the skills to be able to save or help a life is very important, and we encourage everyone learn and get CPR/AED/First Aid certification from us here at the American Red Cross.

~Emma Reeve, Communications Intern

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