Tuesday, March 17, 2015


#SpringItOn: Buffalo Niagara’s Day of Giving is back!

In collaboration with United Way of Buffalo and Erie County, the American Red Cross is having a one-day, community-wide online fundraising event that will run from 8:00am Thursday, March 19 to 8:00am Friday, March 20! #SpringItOn was created to help non-profit organizations raise awareness about the work they do for the community and this year, more than 200 non-profits have signed up for it.

In the United States, the Red Cross responds to a disaster approximately every eight minutes. In November 2014, there was a massive snowstorm right here in Western New York. Our volunteers operated and supported 19 shelters and provided 6,700 meals and snacks for stranded travelers as well as people who were forced to leave homes that were struggling under the weight of seven feet of snow. Last year, over 400 house fires took away clothes and shoes, precious possessions, security and dignity- everything that made a house a home.

Help the Red Cross #GiveWhatFireTakes. Our goal for #SpringItOn2015 is $650 because that is the average cost needed to provide food, clothing and shelter for a family of three after a house fire. Our #SpringItOn site is up and running now. Please visit www.springiton.org/redcross and help us continue to provide for those in need when the unexpected happens, and share the link with friends and family on social media.

The need is constant. Click here to help us #GiveWhatFireTakes during #SpringItOn2015. 

-Valerie Ho, Western New York Chapter Intern

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