Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Babysitter Training Day

American Red Cross Offers Babysitter's Training in Cuba NY
With summer on the horizon, teens will begin their summer jobs. One of the most popular jobs among them is being a babysitter. Babysitting children is a huge responsibility. It involves much more than just keeping children “out of trouble”. The more a babysitter knows and understands about children and problems that may arise, the better the experience can be for them and the children.

     On May 3rd, the Western New York/Finger Lakes Regions will hold a Babysitter Training Day at 11 different locations. It is designed for teens to earn the necessary skills to be a safe and effective caregiver. The all-day class teaches them a variety of skills from how to properly hold a baby to CPR and first aid.  Most importantly, a babysitter who earns this certification earns something even more valuable – peace of mind for the parents of the children they are taking care of.

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