Friday, October 12, 2012

Now Freeze!

You can learn a lot just surfing the web these days. For example, a Facebook friend of mine posted about the fact that our October Surprise storm hit six years ago today. Maybe I've just blocked the images of trees leaning on my house and in the middle of seemingly every roadway in town from my mind, but I had no idea today marked such an important anniversary!!
The Clement Mansion after 2006's "October Surprise"
Those memories make the other piece of information I learned today slightly more relevant. All of Western New York is under a freeze warning tonight into Saturday morning. This means you should bring your potted plants inside, but it also means that snow, ice and other nasty winter storms will be coming soon. I'm sure that all those stranded along with me in the lobby of a local hotel on October 12, 2006 wished they had an emergency kit with them including blankets, water and (for me not having this was the worst) personal hygiene items like a toothbrush. Just like you prepare your plants for the cold, you need to prepare your home and family as well. Here's some things you can do now to get yourself as ready as you'll ever be for our inevitable winter weather.

Also, freezing temperatures mean we're all looking for ways to stay warm. Furnaces are kicking in and fireplaces are being used for the first time in months. Unfortunately, that also means an increased risk of our most common disaster, household fires. As we wrap up National Fire Prevention Week, the Red Cross urges you to follow these safety steps to make sure you stay safe AND toasty warm during the first of what promises to be several frozen weekends!