Monday, June 18, 2012

Make sure your summer story doesn't turn into a tragedy

Summer doesn't officially begin until Wednesday, but we all know the season is already in full swing, considering the unofficial summer kickoff in Western New York, The BASH, took place over two weeks ago. Now, as schools let out (my son finishes Kindergarten tomorrow!!) with temperatures predicted to be in the high 80's or even the 90's much of this week, many people will be hitting the pools to stay cool over the next few months.

Already, there are two stories in local media today about the dangers that water can present. Thankfully, the first of those stories has a happy ending. Because this mother had taken the time to learn CPR, she was able to revive her daughter after she was found unconscious in a pool, and that little girl is now hospitalized for what are reported to be precautionary reasons. We love to hear stories with happy endings like this, which is why we are thankful to Channel 7 and YNN for giving us the opportunity to discuss the importance CPR/AED, First Aid and water safety training today.

Unfortunately, not every story ends this well. Also in the news today is the story of a man whose body was pulled from the Erie Canal after he reportedly jumped in to cool off and never resurfaced. As summer begins, it's important to remember that not every body of water is as inviting as it appears. Fast moving currents and sudden dropoffs that can change water depth can occur sometimes even in what appears to be shallow water. We're surrounded by Great Lakes and several rivers and streams, but you should only swim in areas that are designated for swimming and supervised by lifeguards, and make sure to keep in mind your limitations and the abilities of everyone swimming with you.

Even if you take all the proper precautions for swimming in lakes, rivers, streams or in the neighborhood pool, an emergency can still take place. Knowing CPR can make the difference between life and death, so please take the time to sign up for a training class (and/or water safety courses!) so you are prepared should a situation occur. Let's work together to make sure this summer is filled with fun stories instead of tragic endings!