Monday, May 7, 2012

The Colonel wants you!! (Or at least your story...)

If you've been following @RedCrossBASH on Twitter or Facebook, you know that after travelling around Buffalo for the past several weeks, our friend The Colonel has arrived at Red Cross headquarters for BASH*2012. But the fact that The Colonel has finished his pre-BASH rounds does not mean your chance to win a pair of free tickets to join him here for the party of the summer is gone as well.

We throw this party every year for a reason, and now The Colonel wants to hear your Red Cross Story. So he's offering a free pair of General Admission tickets to BASH*2012 to one story-teller.

The Colonel wants to hear your story, and will have a drink
waiting for you on June 1st! Send your Red Cross Story to for your chance to win!
Have our volunteers been there to help you or a loved one after a fire? If you're one of our volunteers, what makes you take that phone call in the middle of the night? Or did a deployment to regions devastated by Hurricane Katrina or last spring's storms really move you? Have one of our Ombudsman volunteers made life in the nursing home just a little better for your parents or grandparents? Did your son find out about the birth of his own child while serving overseas through our Services to Armed Forces? Why do you let us stick a needle in your arm for a blood donation, or how did that precious gift save your life or that of a family member?

These are just some examples of the many services we provide that can touch a life. Your story can help someone else learn how we may be able to assist them through the tough times, or encourage someone else to join you as a Red Cross volunteer or supporter. That is why we reserve the right to anonymously use your story in future Red Cross materials. (Yes, it's true you are submitting your story to me through email. But unless you give us express written consent to use your name or other identifying details, no one else will ever know where the story came from. Besides, if you win, we have to know how to contact you to get you your tickets!!)

Since initially launching this contest, we've received some great stories, but we're greedy and want more. So we're now giving you until Friday, May 25th to submit your story for a chance at the free tickets to BASH*2012. We'll announce the winner the following Monday. Don't be the links above and tell us how the Red Cross has helped you. The Colonel is looking forward to reading them as you inspire us to throw Buffalo's party of the summer on June 1st!