Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Staying prepared, despite the warm winter

Many of us are enjoying this warmer-than-usual winter weather. It's mid-January, and I have yet to break out the snow shovel!  However, we are always encouraging everyone to "Be Red Cross Ready" for an emergency ahead of time, so what good would we be if we didn't do the same?

When and if the snow hits, it's entirely possible that we could find ourselves needing to open a shelter or warming station as we did after lake effect snow shut down portions of the NYS Thruway in December 2010.  The people coming to the Red Cross for help will expect to be provided warm, clean blankets.  Many of those blankets made their way downstate last fall to be used in shelters following the flooding and power outages caused by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee.  But thanks to the support of the Western New York community, we're once again ready to help when called upon!

Amanda Campbell re-stocks trailers with blankets cleaned
by The Laundry Lounge in Niagara Falls
One of our Board members, Gregory Ford, owns The Laundry Lounge on Niagara Falls Boulevard in the Falls.  Mr. Ford and his staff cleaned and packaged 196 blankets for us at no charge!  And as if that wasn't enough, Laundry Lounge employees have also made generous donations in support of the Red Cross mission!

These blankets have now been packed into trailers along with other supplies in preparation of a winter storm or sheltering operation.  So while we may all hope that winter never truly arrives, the Red Cross will be ready if it does, thanks in no small part to the folks at a Niagara Falls laundromat!!