Thursday, October 25, 2012

From seventies to snow...and Sandy!

It may be difficult to believe, with the bright sunshine and temperatures in the mid 70's, but big changes are coming soon, with some "S" words even popping up in the forecast for next week.

The "S" word that we're most often concerned about here in WNY is, of course, snow. And sure enough, there's a chance the white stuff will start flying next week. Coincidentally, this is Winter Weather Awareness Week in New York State. While you're getting out and enjoying this unexpected blast of summer weather, take some steps now to make sure your ready to stay safe when the winter weather blows in. Maybe take a walk to the store to update your emergency kit with fresh water and food and new batteries for the flashlight. Just remember, the time to prepare is now, because once a blizzard hits it may be too late.

There's another "S" word dominating the weather headlines: Sandy, as in Hurricane Sandy, which is already hitting Cuba, Jamaica and the Bahamas. The storm is expected to push up the east coast this weekend, and when combined with the winter storm could have devastating affects along the east coast starting early next week. In addition to the usual concerns of flooding and wind damage that come with a hurricane, Sandy's predictions even have parallels to our own October Surprise of 2006, with the combination of snow and leafy trees causing long-term power outages.
Outside the Clement Mansion following the
October surprise of 2006. Hopefully, Sandy won't
bring a repeat performance to the East Coast.

Here at the Red Cross, we're getting ready for Sandy, with conference calls scheduled this afternoon to make sure we're ready to respond whenever and wherever it becomes necessary. We encourage everyone to do prepare their families as well. One of the best things you can do is download our hurricane app on your smartphone, with tools to help you prepare for a storm by putting together and emergency kit, find a Red Cross shelter and let your loved ones know your safe.

So enjoy this wonderful day, but don't forget, the weather won't stay this way forever!

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