Monday, March 5, 2012

"City of Good Neighbors" coming through again

March is Red Cross Month, a time when we celebrate all of our supporters for helping us make a difference in the communities we live in, while encouraging more people to Join Us as a donor or volunteer. While we here in Western New York are also celebrating a sunny day and a warm forecast, Mother Nature has not been so kind nationwide.

Red Cross workers in Henryville, IN.
Photo courtesy: Daniel Cima/American Red Cross
 The Red Cross has sheltered hundreds of people displaced by tornadoes in 11 states since last Wednesday, and as we have come to expect, Western New Yorkers are once again stepping up to help our neighbors in need. Disaster Mental Health volunteer Marieanna Elliott of Hamburg will be flying to Louisville, KY on Tuesday to provide emotional support as area residents try to cope with the devastation the storms left behind. Marieanna recently provided similar services during a deployment to Alabama in January, and dozens of local volunteers and staffers provided assistance to those affected by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee in the fall. As the disaster assessment following the recent series of storms continues, additional volunteers from this area stand ready to join Marieanna if called upon.

As we celebrate Red Cross Month, we want to take a moment to celebrate all of our volunteers who, like Marieanna this week, sacrifice so much to help us turn heartbreak into hope in times of disaster here at home and across the country. And we also celebrate our donors, whose support makes our mission possible.

You can see more about what the Red Cross is doing in Kentucky and North Carolina, and visit for first-hand stories from those who lived through these storms, and how you can help us celebrate Red Cross Month by supporting our disaster relief efforts.

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