Monday, November 7, 2011

More than just food, clothing and shelter

American Red Cross disaster relief typically includes providing food and water, clothing and/or shelter to those affected.  Sometimes, however, it takes a little bit more to meet people's immediate emergency needs.

After an October snowstorm left thousands without power for more than a week in Connecticut, the gas-powered generators some residents are using to fix that problem are causing another one: carbon monoxide poisoning.  State health officials reported 50 cases of CO posioning in a single day!

The Red Cross urges all residents to use generators safely, and one of those safety recommendations is to install a carbon monoxide detector.  But after a week without power, a trip to the store to buy a CO detector may not be tops on your list of priorities.  So volunteer Steven Schwartz of Buffalo has been handing them out along with the meals while working out of an Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) at shelters in Connecticut.  Steven deployed to to assist in the Northeast relief efforts last week, and as always we are very proud of the work our volunteers do to help our neighbors in need across the country.
L-R: Volunteers Jim Schillinger from the Virginia Captiol Region and Steven Schwartz of Buffalo working the ERV in Connecticut
Speaking of carbon monoxide detectors, did you remember to change the batteries in those and your smoke alarms when turning back the clocks over the weekend?  If not, consider this your friendly reminder!

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