Friday, October 14, 2011

You didn't want to cook this Saturday anyway!

Do you really want to take the time out of your busy weekend to make dinner?  Since you'll probably be out and about tomorrow anyway, why not let somebody else do the cooking for you?  And here's the best part--you can support the American Red Cross by doing nothing more than enjoying a delicious meal that you didn't have to cook!!

The American Red Cross, Serving Erie & Niagara Counties is teaming up with the Bob Evans Restaurant at 6543 Niagara Falls Boulevard this Saturday for a delicious opportunity.  Between 11am-4pm on Saturday, October 15th, the Red Cross Bloodmobile will be in the parking lot.  So on your way into the restaurant, stop in and roll up your sleeves!  Walk-in appointments are always welcome, and the need for blood is constant.

Of course, after giving blood you may be a little hungry.  Once you're done saving a life, you can still support the Red Cross inside the restaurant tomorrow.  Between 6am-10pm, Bob Evans Niagara Falls location will donate 15% of your food to the American Red Cross, Serving Erie & Niagara Counties.  Just pick up a flyer in the Bloodmobile and hand it to your server. 

If you can't give blood, don't worry.  You can still help the Red Cross be there for our WNY neighbors in need--just print the photo below and hand it to your server tomorrow!
So come on out, get yourself some home-cooking without actually having to do the work, and support the lifesaving mission of the American Red Cross, Serving Erie & Niagara Counties!

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