Monday, October 31, 2011

Scary shouldn't mean dangerous!

Hopefully all of you were trick-or-treating with us indoors at "Eerie" Community College during "Safe & Seen Halloween" on Saturday.  However, some of you might still want to take your little ghosts and goblins out to scare up some goodies tonight, and while dark and spooky is the order of the night, this Halloween tradition shouldn't be dangerous!

In the spirit of the holiday, the American Red Cross has put together a "Lucky 13 Tips" for a safe Halloween.  Most of these tips are common sense: don't walk in the road, bring a flashlight, wear reflective clothing so drivers can see you.  But frighteningly enough, you may never have considered some of the "Lucky 13!"

One of the overlooked dangers involves something we talk about all the time here at the Red Cross--our dislike for candles!  We really don't like them when they're hidden inside of something, such as a pumpkin.  What if one of the ghouls knocking on your door accidentally knocked over that jack-o-lantern you spent hours carving??  Use a glow-stick instead to avoid a fire hazard.  If your kids are anything like mine, they'll have the added bonus of a "toy" to play with afterwards!!

Before the creatures start roaming the streets tonight, make sure they follow ALL of the "Lucky 13 Steps" for a safe Halloween, so you can be sure that nothing unexpected goes "bump in the night!!!!"

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