Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No, Joe. Thank YOU!

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that we are constantly thanking our amazing Disaster Action Team volunteers for the all work they do for us and our community.  Not everyone would be willing to take that late night phone call to help the family who just lost everything in a house fire.  However, it can be difficult for even these wonderful people to make such sacrifices of their time and talents.

Joe Long has been volunteering with us throughout his time as an undergraduate student, but has recently decided that as he studies for his CPA exam he no longer has the time to give, and November will be his last month as a DAT volunteer.  You may wonder why someone taking such a difficult course load would ever be willing to spend some of his precious free time helping strangers he's never met.  Without even being asked, Joe answered that question in his resignation letter to our Emergency Services department:

"However in the times I have responded to the calls, I have been truely touched by what a great volunteer opportunity the DAT team is. Its unlike any other volunteer opportunity, because it really, really does make such a positive impact on families in need. It is for that reason that I stayed on the schedule for so long."

Joe went on to thank us for our patience with his schedule.  Well, Joe, we thank YOU and all our volunteers for taking time out of your busy lives to help us help our neighbors in need.  We couldn't do what we do without you!!

Want to experience that great feeling of helping others Joe is talking about for yourself?  We're always looking for volunteers!  Contact Volunteer Coordinator Christine Petre at petrec@usa.redcross.org or click here for a schedule of training classes.

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