Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 1, Happy Preparedness Month!

It’s national preparedness month, which is a fantastic excuse for us here at the Chapter to celebrate and share our fantastic preparedness tips!  Since we have so many, we've decided to share one, or maybe two, or three… tips a day to keep you on your toes, and think about getting prepared!

Preparedness Tip #1
Take a moment to imagine that there is an emergency, like a fire in your home, and you need to leave quickly.  What are the best escape routes from your home?  Find at least two ways out of each room.  Now, write it down — you’ve got the beginning of a plan.

To learn more about what you should be thinking about when making a plan, who you should involve in this process, and the number of times you should practice your plan, click here or check it out below!

Refer to page 2 for more information about drawing out your plan.

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