Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weekly Worldwide Wrap-Up

Wondering what has been happening around the world with the Red Cross and Red Crescents? Well, thanks to Robin Parker, an amazing Red Cross/Blog Master from the Oregon Trail Chapter, you can find out! 
Below, she's compiled a non-comprehensive sampling of the larger and/or more intriguing aspects of the work we do internationally

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BANGLADESH: Thousands displaced by flooding are receiving assistance from the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society.

CAMEROON: More than 300 volunteers are on the ground combating the cholera outbreak with hygiene and sanitation awareness.

SOMALIA: The ICRC is currently distributing food to 162,000 people in areas affected by drought and armed violence in southern and central Somalia.

SYRIA: The American Red Cross is contributing $50,000 to the relief efforts in Syria as part of its international response to the civil unrest in North Africa and the Middle East. The support will be dedicated to procuring food and relief supplies in Syria for people impacted by the violence.

HAITI: In preparation for tropical storm Emily, the IFRC - in support of the Haitian Red Cross- is activating its emergency plans in Haiti. Red Cross emergency response teams are on standby throughout the country and emergency supplies are pre-positioned.


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