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Be the best babysitter you can be!

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Nothing feels better than being left on your own to watch y our younger siblings when you’re a teen.  Not only do you technically have reign over the household, but it also means that your parents trust you enough to give you that type of power!  But are you really ready?

When it comes to kids, you have to expect the unexpected.  Even if you plan everything to the T, something is very likely to go array.  Because of this, we recommend that all young teens take a babysitting course like the one we offer at the American Red Cross.

Our courses are designed to help individuals age 11 to 15:
  •          Care for children and infants
  •          Be a good leader and role model
  •          Make good decisions and solve problems
  •         Keep the children you baby-sit and yourself safe
  •          Handle emergencies such as injuries, illnesses and household accidents
  •          Write resumes and interview for jobs

Looking for some basic tips that every babysitter should know?
While babysitting, never:
  •         Open the door to anyone before checking to see who it is
  •         Open the door to strangers, including delivery people
  •          Let anyone inside who is using alcohol or drugs, even if you know them
  •          Tell a stranger on the phone that you are the babysitter
  •         Stay anywhere you feel unsafe, smell smoke, or hear a fire or smoke alarm
  •          Go outside to check on something strange, such as an unusual noise

Want to learn more about our babysitting courses?

Visit the national Red Cross website to learn more, or watch our segment on Winging It! below!

Looking to sign up for a babysitting course? 

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