Monday, July 11, 2011

What do you keep behind your ID?

As I was helping put together materials for a fantastically fun scavenger hunt we’re participating in at the end of the week, I was racking my brain for more things to put in the mock emergency kits, when I realized… what about emergency information!! After this almost too obvious answer to my question, I couldn’t help but feel that we have been slightly neglecting that topic in this blog. So, I fully plan on rectifying that situation right now!
If you were to collapse or were somehow injured and unable to communicate, would people know how to contact your loved ones? For me, that answer is yes.  And not just because I never part ways with my cell phone.  My phone does have ICE programmed in and I have all of my families information plugged in as well, however, I also carry an emergency contact sheet in my wallet.  That way, when first responders are looking for my identification, they’ll pull out my ID and see everything I need them to know about me.  On this sheet is my:
·         Name
·         Date of birth
·         Address
·         Medical history
·         All of my doctor’s phone numbers (Whether you have a foot doctor, back doctor or general physician, ALL of your doctors should be listed, you’ll never know who you need!)
·         Medication I take, including the dosage and frequency I take it
·         Allergies
·         Blood type
·         Emergency contact information for 3 individuals (2 local and 1 out of the area)
Because of this, I feel much safer and secure walking and driving around, because if something were to happen to me, I know that I have a much better chance of receiving the proper medical care and the people that are important to me will be contacted so that they aren’t wondering why I never made it to brunch.
So now comes the question, do you have all of this information written down and in your wallet, bag, purse, or book bag?

If you DON’T have all of this information near your I.D. already, I highly suggest clicking one of the following links for a template, OR, just typing out your information in a word document!
·         Template 1
·         Template 2
·         Template 3
·   If you change addresses, develop more of a medical history, begin to take new medications, develop new allergies, or want new emergency contacts, be sure to update your sheet!!
·   Be sure that your emergency contacts KNOW that they are your emergency contacts.
·   Once you fill out this sheet, photo-copy it and stick a copy in your emergency kit, your car, and anywhere else that you spend a lot of time.
o   Don’t have an emergency kit? Click here!
If you DO have all this information already near your I.D. and your emergency kit packed an updated, awesome job!! You are Red Cross Ready. 

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