Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Safely and swimmingly

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Water safety is always an important topic, especially during the summer months here in Buffalo.  The air is stifling and the humidity is often relentless which means we run to our air conditioner or the closest body of water.  What we need to be more aware of is which bodies of water we are flocking to.
“No Swimming” signs are always hung for a reason.  Whether there is a dangerous current, poor water quality, a steep drop off, no supervision, or a lake/pond floor that is too soft, swimmers should beware and steer clear of that water.  And these aren’t the only areas we should be cautious of. 

If you find a new pond or area of the lake that doesn’t say “No Swimming,” it still doesn’t mean that it is safe to swim in.  We should be limiting ourselves to bodies of water that are supervised by lifeguards and that say swimming is permitted. That way we know that when we enter the water, we are safe, and if something were to ever happen, a lifeguard would be there to help.

To learn more, tune into WIVB tonight to learn more about water safety, learn some of the basic skills you should know in case you need to save someone’s life, and check out this morning's segment that highlights some great safety tips!

Do you or a family member need to learn how to swim, want to become a lifeguard, or want to learn CPR/AED and basic first aid? Visit us online to learn more about our courses and when they are offered.

Looking for a local spot to swim? Try one of these below!

Kenmore Pool
255 Mang Avenue,
Kenmore, NY 14217
(716) 873-6225

Beaver Island State Park
2136 West Oakfield Road
Grand Island, NY 14072
(716) 773-3271

North Forest Pool
85 North Forest Road,
Buffalo, NY 14221-5229
(716) 631-7275

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