Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh my lanta it is hot out… day 4!!

Onward to day 4 of this atrocious heat wave, and it seems like we've covered the gambit on warm weather activities, so, we've decided to ask our staff and the community how they’re staying cool! 
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·         Mindy, one of our Facebook friends, told us they’re staying cool by playing in a tub full of cool water with the kids and munching on freezie pops

  •          Amanda, a Chapter employee, is visiting her friend’s house for dinner and a/c
  •          Adam, a Buffalonian, is planning on taking refuge in his house tonight, opening all the windows, turning on all of the fans, and hoping that a storm comes through to break this temperature
  •          Louise, a Chapter employee, is planning on drinking lots of Gatorade tonight, and hopefully getting someone to help install her air-conditioner!
  •          Jordan, a Buffalonian, is planning on visiting his friend’s house tonight for a cookout and pool party
  •          Faye, a Chapter employee, is going to be Canalside taking advantage of the cooler temperatures by the water while listening tonight’s concert series

What are you planning to do tonight to stay cool? Comment below and give your fellow WNYers some ideas on how they can cool down tonight!

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For tips on how to stay safe in the heat, click here!

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