Friday, July 15, 2011

Nothing like a Clean Sweep

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It’s “Clean Sweep” here at the Chapter today, which means it’s time to organize, clean, and get ourselves back into top notch working order!  Since most of us here consider this building our home away from home, you can imagine the amount of stuff we collect between Clean Sweep days, and, even better, the stuff that we thought we lost, but find! 
Another great thing that I like to incorporate into “Clean Sweep” days is my emergency kit.  We always suggest that people go through there emergency kit about 1 time a year to make sure that:
  •         Nothing in your kit is expiring within the next 2-3 years
    •         If it is, substitute the older items out for newer items
    •      Remember to check you water’s expiration date!
  •         Nothing is leaking
  •        All of your flashlights and radios work
  •        Your batteries are still sealed and haven’t broken
  •        No one has resorted to sneaking your emergency kit food since your cupboards were empty

Just this quick check will make sure that the time you took to make and maintain your emergency will not be for naught, AND  if an emergency comes, you won’t be stuck risking your life eating expired food, drinking expired water or stuck in the dark because you failed to check to make sure your flashlight was still in working order. 
For more information on making and maintaining an emergency kit, click here!

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