Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Ultimate Survival Sandwich

When you’re packing up your emergency preparedness kit, canned corn, granola, and freeze dried food can often seem pretty bland when considering your options in an emergency.  After all, we like fun, tasty food that keeps our attention! Maybe that’s why so many people find creating their emergency kits slightly tedious, and when asked if they’d actually use anything in their kit, they normally say no with a fairly disgusted look on their face.  
So why can’t our emergency kits be fun and personalized?! Why can’t we have our favorite book, an extra mp3 player, sketch book, and favorite foods inside?  We can! Your emergency kit should be personalized to YOU! And that’s normally all well and good, until it’s time to start packing up food. I mean… whose favorite food is canned corn? Or spam? Or Vienna Sausages?!  I’ll tell you who… no one! However, compare that to a tasty sandwich? Now you’ve peaked my interest!
But now comes the issue of, how in the world do I keep a sandwich in my emergency kit for a year without it spoiling? Well the brains over at ThinkGeek online figured that out with their Tactical Sammiches! 
These tasty concoctions come in two flavors, Pepperoni and Honey BBW Beef, are less than 300 calories each and are 100% delicious… what could be better? They have a shelf life of TWO years!! Absolutely perfect for your emergency preparedness kit, a late night snack, a last minute lunch, and the perfect solution to make building your emergency kit a more fun and interactive activity for your entire family! Talk about a win-win!
Want to buy yourself some sammiches? Visit ThinkGeek online!
Looking for the sammiches nutritional information?
Click here!
Looking for more fun and innovative foods for your kit to get your family or maybe just yourself more excited about putting together your emergency preparedness kits? Try Tac Bac and Astronaut Ice-cream!
Want information on what you should include in an emergency kit and how you and your family should start preparing now in case of an emergency? Visit us online!

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