Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A man's dream!

Shovels, hatches, hammers, saws, can openers and nail pullers… music to most men’s ears! And during a disaster, you might wish you let your significant other splurge on the wild array of equipment they're always harping about, because as you now think about it, those very tools could get you out of your current pickle! But have no fear! With this handy all in one tool you may be able to stave him off from those expensive purchases for a little bit longer!!
The LifeSecure 6-in-1 Survival Shovel is the perfect all in one emergency tool that could easily be stored with your other emergency preparedness items in your car and in your home.  Whether a tree falls in your home and you have to saw off a limb, your car gets stuck in a snow pile and you have to dig yourself out, or your just hungry and that can of corn you bought doesn’t have a handy pull tab lid, this item is perfect for you!
Plus, the fact that it only costs about $20.00 means that you’ll be saving between $40.00 and $150.00!

To learn more about making an emergency kit, check out our interactive kit making program online, or contact us here at the chapter, Denise at 878-2231 / herkeyjaroschd@usa.redcross.org or Louise at 878-2230 / porterl@usa.redcross.org, to set up a Be Red Cross Ready presentation that will touch upon what you need to know and do to be prepared for an emergency.
For emergency preparedness tools, visit us online.

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