Monday, May 2, 2011

Help our neighbors in the south

Photo courtesy of the Delaware County Chapter
of the American Red Cross
Do you wish that you could help the individuals affected by the devastating storms in the south? We’re looking for dedicated volunteers who are willing to donate their time to help with the search and rescue efforts down south, especially those with a training background in mental health. 
"The mental health is the thing they're really pushing for right now especially for down south, but in general mental health people to come in and help council and they're really looking to deploy those people in Alabama, and North Carolina, and Missouri, and Arkansas in those states down south right now."
–Jay Bonafede, Communications Director for the Greater Buffalo Chapter
What does it take to become a deployable volunteer for the American Red Cross?
The American Red Cross is always looking for dedicated volunteers to add to its ranks.  To be a deployable volunteer for the American Red Cross, you must attend several trainings in order to be eligible.  For a list of these requirements and upcoming scheduled trainings, click here or call us at the Greater Buffalo Chapter, 716.886.7500, to learn more.
For other volunteer opportunities with the American Red Cross, click here!
To learn more about where you can send your donations for disaster relief in the states affected by the tornadoes, visit us online.

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