Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring vs. winter!

Photo courtesy of the St. Louis Area Chapter of the American Red Cross
Although it’s spring, we still haven’t been able to completely shake the grasp of winter, as we can see just by looking out windows across Western New York.  And if you’re like most of us here at the Chapter, we’ve been driving with our windows downs, shades on and tunes up and have long forgotten about the slick roads, white outs and all of the other dangerous situations that can arise from driving in the winter… or in this case, spring. That's why we thought it'd be the perfect time to brush up on some preparedness tips for winter driving!

Safety Tip # 1
Pay attention to the forecast: If the weather service is telling you to not travel unless necessary… don’t travel unless it’s necessary!
Safety Tip # 2
Always try to drive with a full tank of gas (One less thing to worry about if you get stuck in traffic)
Safety Tip #3
Make sure you have an emergency kit for your car with a variety of the following inside:
            -Battery operated radio
-Something brightly colored and reflective that can be used to call attention to your car if needed
-Empty coffee cans or bottles (with lids!) for makeshift facilities
Safety Tip #4
Try to travel during the day
Safety Tip #5
If you’re driving and you think it’s too dangerous to continue, pull over! Turn on your hazard lights and hang a distress flag from your car’s radio antenna or window.
For more ideas on what to keep in your car’s emergency kit, visit us online!
For more winter driving tips, visit FEMA online
To purchase an emergency kit, visit our store online.
If you think that your school, company or other organization would benefit from a Be Red Cross Ready presentation that addresses issues such as winter preparedness, please contact Denise Herkey-Jarosch, Regional Coordinator, NYS Citizens Preparedness Program, at (716) 878-2231 or Louise Porter, Prepared and Ready Coordinator at (716) 878-2230 to set up a presentation

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