Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Step Right Up and Win A Prize!

It's almost a rite of passage as a child--heading off to the carnival, and returning home with a huge stuffed animal or maybe even a goldfish as a reward for your skill in throwing a ball through the clown's mouth.  Well we don't have any clowns here at the Chapter, but we still want to make sure you feel like a winner during this Red Cross Month.

If you're reading this blog, chances are your life has been affected by the Red Cross, hopefully in a positive way, and we want to hear your stories.  So between now and 12:01am on March 28th, click on the "Tell Us Your Red Cross Moments" link on the left hand side of the page, and tell us what the words "Red Cross" mean to you!  The best three "Moments", as judged by the communications staff here at the Chapter, will then be posted on our website, buffaloredcross.org, for the public to read and then choose their favorite.  The "Moment" receiving the most votes will receive a free pair of general admission tickets to BASH*2011 on Friday, June 3rd!  We'll announce the winner on March 31st.
By telling us about your "Red Cross Moments", you can help us improve the ways we provide our services, and help others to learn about the variety of services the Red Cross provides to the community.  So we may use your "Moment" in future Chapter publications.  Don't worry, you can remain anonymous--but please make sure we know how to contact you if you win!  Unfortuantely, Red Cross employees and their families are not eligible to win, but we'd still love to hear your stories!
Your "Red Cross Moment" doesn't have to be long--sometimes a simple one-liner can be as meaningful as a full-length novel!  To get you started, I've posted my own "Red Cross Moment" below.  So take a few seconds to tell us about your "Moment."  We're looking forward to hearing them.  Good luck!

Jay Bonafede's Red Cross Moment:
When I think of the Red Cross, I think of people who voluntarily get up in the middle of the night and brave the snow and cold to help total strangers.   I had the opportunity to watch the efforts of our staff and volunteers at the storm shelter in Cheektowaga last December.   A mother and her teenage daughter came in, exhausted and stressed after being trapped in their car for hours.  When they arrived, the daughter looked ready to pass out, and said she needed her medication.  The staff and volunteers did everything they could to make them more comfortable, and helped them make arrangements to get back home.  Seeing how appreciative of the efforts of the Red Cross this family and everyone who came to the shelter was made me feel proud to be just a small part of this amazing organization.

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