Friday, March 25, 2011

Red Cross... for kids!

Most people know that we go out into the community to present preparedness information to adults in the community… but did you know we also give presentations to children?! We have three presentations that we offer to children and young adults, including:
Scrubby Bear- in the Scrubby Bear presentation, our presenter and Scrubby Bear talk to students about what germs are, where germs can be, what we can do to prevent germs from getting us sick, how we can prevent our germs from getting others sick and the proper way to wash our hands. Presenters use “Germ Juice” which is a non-toxic germ simulator which will glow when children’s hands are put underneath a black light, students are then told to wash their hands singing the song that they just learned and then we put their hands under the black light again to see how thorough of a job they did washing their hands.   For ages 4-6, a variation of the program is also available for ages 7-8.
Sesame Street- In the Sesame Street presentation, our presenters, Grover and Rosita, talk to students about what an emergency is, how to prepare for an emergency, where we can go in an emergency and the types of information we should know in an emergency.  This presentation has a movie that accompanies it where Grover and Rosita’s friends learn how to be prepared.  Children receive a preparedness coloring book that reinforces all of the information that is presented, and that will help get their families prepared. For ages 4-7.
Ready Set Prepare- In the Ready Set Prepare presentation, students learn about what an emergency is, types of emergencies, how to get a kit, make a plan and stay informed during an emergency.  Presenters go in depth about the information that we need to know before an emergency, types of things that our emergency kits should have and ways to stay informed during an emergency.  Students receive a preparedness book and information that will help get their families prepared.
For ages 6-11.
If you would like to learn more about one of these presentations, or you would like to schedule a presentation for your school, day-care or club, please contact Denise-Herkey Jarosch at 716-878-2231, or Louise Porter at 716-878-2230,  

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