Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Analyzing your assets!

Here at the Red Cross we’re always saying, “Be Red Cross Ready”! Which means you need to make a plan, get a kit and stay informed… but something that I always get hung up on is getting the kit.  How much food do I really need? What is the nutritional value of that food? How much food and what types of food do I need to feed everyone in my household while keeping them nutritionally healthy? Well, I wonder no more! While checking out some of the blogs that we follow, I stumbled upon the Food Storage Analyzer on Preparedness Pantry’s blog. 
This analyzer lets you add food and/or order food from their pantry so that you can be prepared.  In addition to that great feature alone, it also calculates the nutritional value of all that food and tells you how much food you have for how many people, for how many days.  Well, you may ask, what if they don't have the food you have in your pantry?  Don't fret! There is an option for you to type in all of the nutritional facts from the box/can/bottle yourself so that you can be a little more informed about what you actually have in storage.  So, if you don’t see the specific type of macaroni and cheese you have, your secret comfort food stash of Snickers bars or the water you have stashed away, you can click on “Add Your Own Items” to make sure that you are as up to date, prepared and aware of your current food storage situation as possible!!  Here’s what my analysis looked like:
This is a great tool for households to start tracking what they have, what they need and how nutrtionally prepared they are to brave a disaster! Curious to see how prepared you are? Click below and try out the Food Storage Analyzer yourself! And if you have a blog, be sure to follow the steps to get a free $10.00 gift card!
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