Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Welcome Eliza!

Here at the Red Cross, we welcome the opportunity to help students gain valuable experience in the work place, which is why semester after semester we offer internships to our local colleges. 
This semester, we are lucky enough to have Eliza Osmani join our team to help us with the upcoming BASH season!  If you have ever attended BASH, thank you for supporting us. We expect that you had a fantastic time.  However, that event takes a lot of planning, and we are happy to have Eliza to not only help us make that event even more enjoyable, but also give her experience in event planning as well as PR so that she can make the most out of her degree in Communications at UB. 
When Eliza isn’t in BASH mode here at the Red Cross, or studying to finish off her final semester, she enjoys reading, yoga and hanging out with her friends.  She’s very excited to graduate and get into a master’s program, and she’s hoping that having the Red Cross on her resume will give her a competitive edge. 
Eliza’s Red Cross Moment
“I think my Red Cross moment came 1 year ago, the first time I gave blood. I realized the quality and the humanity involved in the American Red Cross. Every time the Red Cross does something, there is a certain kind of standard they set, which is not only tough to beat, but makes you rise to the occasion yourself, whether it’s giving blood or helping with disaster relief.”
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