Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bundle up Buffalo!

With wind-chills putting Buffalo well below 20 degrees, we think it’s about time that the Chapter brushes everyone up on how to be prepared when outdoors in this chilly weather! 
Bring tissues: Nothing is worse than being outside with a drippy nose, so be sure to pack some tissues so icicles don’t start forming!
Light layers:  This doesn’t mean putting on 5 of our heaviest sweaters, 3 pairs of heavy wool socks, snow pants and two hats.  Layering is all about light layers, a hat, gloves and waterproof boots and coat to keep your toes, feet, socks and clothing warm and dry while keeping the wind out. 
Pay attention to signs of frostbite: If your fingers are becoming stiff, red, off colored and/or numb… get inside to warm up! You don’t want to risk damaging your body in the frigid Buffalo weather, so be sure to bundle up and be aware of places that you can stop and go indoors to warm up if traveling outdoors.
Pay attention to the forecast: If the weather service is telling you to not travel unless necessary… don’t travel unless it’s necessary!
Remember your pets: If you’re cold outdoors, your pet probably is too.  Be aware of the fact that their paws are walking in the snow and ice, and that the salt that is hopefully on the shoveled sidewalks keeping you from slipping will still be on their paws when indoors.  So keep their walks outdoors short, rinse off their paws afterwards, and remember that they get cold too!
Take something warm: If you’re going on a long outdoor journey in the frigid weather, try to bring a warm drink to keep your fingers and insides warm.
Treaded boots: Nothing is more painful, embarrassing or just plain annoying than slipping on the ice or slick pavement when walking in a blizzard.  So be sure to have boots that are not only waterproof but that will keep you from falling when encountering slippery conditions outdoors.
We often think that because we’re from Buffalo we can handle all types of weather, but as we’ve realized here at the Chapter, we haven’t had a hard winter here in Buffalo for a few years!  With multiple storms already this winter season... and spring still months away… we hope that you be cautious, prepared and stay up to date with us for tips on staying safe!
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