Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Send a holiday card to hereos!

Reverend Jan Mahle has been a Campus Minister at D’Youville College since November, 1999.  During her time at the college the Campus Ministry has made a concerted effort to connect D’Youville faculty, staff and students to a variety of volunteer opportunities, and this fall semester we were delighted to have them partner with us for the Holiday Mail for Heroes campaign.

“What I liked most about this volunteer project,” said Reverend Mahle, “was that it gave everyone involved an opportunity to express their gratitude to soldiers, their families or veterans in their own words.”


The D’Youville Campus Ministry Federal work study students, first year student classes, the Campus Community Club and staff participated in this college-wide campaign, creating over 160 cards that will eventually be sent to service members, veterans and their families.   

“At first, students were hesitant because they didn’t know what to write” said Reverend Mahle “However, once they were given a couple of suggestions, their expressions of gratitude and sentiment were a joy to read... This campaign gives people the chance to be creative, very personal, and express words of gratitude such as one staff member with a brother in the military did when she wrote, “Dear Military Hero, May you find peace in your heart knowing that people unknown to you wish you a safe mission and return home.””

It’s not too late for the Buffalo community to participate in this campaign. So gather your families, friends, employees and coworkers together to make a card to show your appreciation for a service member, veteran or their family.  Be sure to get your cards out by December 10th!  To learn more, please visit us at the Greater Buffalo Chapter of the American Red Cross.

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