Friday, December 31, 2010

Make being Red Cross Ready your New Year's resolution!

We here at the Chapter love being prepared for anything that may be thrown our way, which is why we all make the resolution to be a little more Red Cross Ready every New Years! 
What does being Red Cross Ready mean you ask?
Everyone that is Red Cross Ready has evacuation plans for their households, kits that can be grabbed in a hurry if they need to evacuate or take shelter in their home, and are informed about what is going on in terms of impending natural and manmade disasters. 
Being Red Cross Ready is all about being proactive, so that when there is an emergency, you’ve already planned and are prepared to survive the emergency.  So be sure to visit our website for tips on how to be Red Cross Ready, and also to schedule a Red Cross Ready presentation for your company or organization so that you can help your co-workers get prepared for the New Year!
Helpful reminder: We know that New Year’s Eve is a big day for celebrating! Be sure to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and also to keep the candle lighting to a minimum to ensure that you don’t bring in the New Year with a disaster.

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