Monday, December 27, 2010

Have you thought about becoming a DAT volunteer for your New Year’s resolution?

All of us here at the Chapter take our New Year’s resolutions pretty seriously, and we only have 5 more days to choose what we’re going to dedicate ourselves to in 2011! Whether it has to do with losing weight, not drinking coffee, working out 3 times a week, reading a book a month, having more family meals together, or volunteering more often, we all try to take advantage of the New Year to better ourselves, and we challenge you to do the same!
The Chapter offers many opportunities for individuals to get involved and better themselves, and their community.  For example, you could become a DAT volunteer.
To become a DAT volunteer, you must be 18 years or older, have  a good understanding of spoken/written English, a working personal phone, a valid driver’s license, and be able to pass a background check.  If none of these things are a concern for you, then becoming a DAT volunteer may be the perfect resolution for you!
DAT volunteers are required to take a 3 hour entry level orientation that covers the Chapter, organization and DAT.  After taking the course you will understand the roles and responsibilities of a DAT volunteer, when and how to respond to local emergencies, policies and procedures, as well as how to sign-up for on-call DAT hours. 
DAT volunteers are generally called to respond to local house fires, and are responsible for a preliminary assessment of damage as well as an assessment of the needs of each individuals that was directly affected by the fire.  After this assessment, the volunteer will determine how much assistance, if any, each individual needs in order to ensure that they are in a safe, healthy environment, where they will be provided with additional assistance to find their way back on their feet. 
If you’re interested in becoming a DAT volunteer as part of your New Year’s resolution, or just because you want to give back and better your community, please call us to schedule your training at 716.878.2387 or visit us online.

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