Monday, November 22, 2010

Don't get burned Buffalo!

Winter is upon us.  Temperatures are dropping and furnaces are kicking, on which means it's "fire season” here in Buffalo.  
If your household were to have a fire tonight would you be prepared? Statistics tell us that only 26% of you out there are.  Do you have a family meeting spot? Does everyone in your family know two ways out of every room in your house? When was the last time you checked your fire detectors? Do you have whistles near every bed so that you and your family can alert firefighters if you get trapped inside? Do you have an emergency kit in your car with changes of clothes and shoes in case you need to hurry out in just your pajamas? These are the types of things we need to think about before hand in order to be prepared.

Developing a plan can be as easy as sitting down with your family and mapping out your home and neighborhood to establish meeting places and the best evacuation routes depending on where the fire may be inside.  Being proactive could be the difference between survival and a tragedy, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’re immune to a house fire. Nearly 400 families in the City of Buffalo lose their homes to fires every year.  Make sure that you’re Red Cross Ready so that if you do have a serious house fire, your home is the only thing you lose.  For tips on making a plan for you and your family, visit us online at the American Red Cross.   

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