Thursday, December 13, 2018

Volunteer Spotlight: College Students - Mhairi

Our next college student we would like to shine light on went to Elmira College and didn't become involved with American Red Cross until she got to college. She was drawn to the environment and saw all the amazing things that they were doing on campus and chose to join. We would like to recognize Mhairi Holmes for her dedication and commitment to changing lives.

Mhairi is 21 years old and here is her story:

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"My name is Mhairi Holmes, I am twenty one years old, and I began volunteering with the Red Cross when I was seventeen. I became involved with the Red Cross Club on Elmira College's campus my freshman year. I had heard about some of the Red Cross initiatives back in high school, primarily regarding blood drives, and was interested in learning more and getting involved on campus. While the blood drives were and are one of the main aspects of the club's activities, in the past few years we have been working hard to expand our volunteering to activities such as supply drives for service members and raising money for the Sound The Alarm Campaign. My favorite part of volunteering with the Red Cross is helping out at blood drives, specifically at the canteen, as it gives me the opportunity to get to know local donors and hear their stories about why they donate. Volunteering with the Red Cross has helped me to see just how much the organization does around the country and for those facing hardship, and just how many people are involved in the organization within both my local community and the larger community. I am constantly impressed by the Red Cross's wide range of initiatives to help people from all walks of life, and plan on remaining an active member in the organization even after graduation. "

We would like to thank Mhairi for her inspiring words and story. Thank you for sharing your story with us and we hope that you continue serving your community! 

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Hannah Dunlap, Communications Volunteer
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Friday, November 30, 2018

Sound the Alarm with the Home Fire Campaign

Volunteer Kelsey Lomber recently took part in her
              first Home Fire Campaign installation appointment
The Red Cross has saved 474 lives since the fall of 2014 through the Home Fire Campaign, including 20 right here in Western and Central New York. The Home Fire Campaign helps families become prepared for home fires by installing up to three free smoke alarms, helping create and practice fire escape plans, and providing information on how to prevent fires.

Kelsey Lomber, a Red Cross volunteer and a current student at SUNY Fredonia, went on a recent appointment to help local families be prepared for home fires. This was her first time volunteering in the Home Fire Campaign, and her role was to help the families create a fire escape plan. Kelsey said her favorite part of the experience was knowing that the fire escape plans would help them in the case of a possible emergency. When asked about the families’ reaction to her help, Kelsey talked about the families were very grateful and happy to have new, free smoke alarms to protect them.

Kelsey said she would volunteer to do it again: “I would 10/10 recommend it, and I plan on using the tools I learned today to help my family be safe as well.”

The Red Cross and its partners have installed more than 8,637 smoke alarms in Western and Central New York. If you or a loved one need working smoking alarms, you can sign up for an appointment, and you can also join Kelsey and help us make the community safer as a volunteer!

Joseph Levy, Communications Intern

Volunteer Spotlight: College Students

We are starting a new segment! We have collected testimonials from students who have made their mark in the American Red Cross organization around the Greater Buffalo Area. These students have been able to create a balance between giving back to their community and their studies. We look forward to sharing their experiences with you.

The first volunteer we are going to spotlight Nathalia Rosado-Oliveras. She is now 22 years old and here is her story:
Nathalia Rosado-Oliveras was involved with CPR training and first aid.
 We encourage you to take the steps for early preparation.
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"I first became a Red Cross volunteer when I was 14 year old. I had just moved to Rochester, NY from Puerto Rico a few months before a lady from the Red Cross, Mrs. Liz Cinquino, visited one of my ESL classes to speak and give information about the Next Generation Leadership Program the Red Cross had (or has). I had some interest on the program because I was completely new to the area, didn’t know many people and my English was very limited, but Mrs. Cinquino knew Spanish. I then started going to the program on Wednesdays with about three (3) other students. I continued going to that program from 9th grade up to (I think) 11th grade. During that program I learned leadership skills, obtained my CPR certification, did community service activities such as creating a garden in an elementary school that is located behind James Monroe HS (my former HS) in honor of a soldier that has just passed away and whose family is from Rochester. I also participated in an emergency preparedness trainings in which we then trained elementary school students as well as a group of elder women that lived in a care home. I also participated on blood drives, represented the Red Cross at the Puerto Rican Fest parade, thanksgiving dinners for those in need, post card for soldiers, among other activities. In 10th grade, Mrs. Cinquino together with a Monroe HS counselor and an ESL teacher as mentors guided a group of students and me to create a Red Cross club in our school. One of the biggest things and most notable activity we did as a club was host blood drives in our school and inform students of the importance of donating blood. I was part of this club for 3 years in which I was vice-president for the first year and president for the last two years. I continued being part of the Red Cross the last 2 years of my college career. Being a member of the Red Cross meant being part of community that seeks to help those that most need it. I gained skills, experiences, and knowledge that I would probably not have gained if it wasn’t for the Red Cross. It meant continuous learning and a family to me overall. "

We wanted to thank Nathalia for her donation of time and services to the community. We hope you continue to stay involved with the organization and serve your community. We wish you luck in all your future endeavors!!!!

Hannah Dunlap, Communications Volunteer

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Giving with meaning this Tuesday

Last week we all celebrated Thanksgiving, a holiday that reminds us to be grateful for all of the things we have in life. To remember what are the most important things in life, from family to safety to success. It doesn’t often, however, cause you to think about others, who may be struggling after a disaster.
            This #GivingTuesday, we encourage you to think about those who may be struggling at this time. Whether it be from a disaster or any other reason, it is always important to help those that are going through a tough time. There are also many ways to help; you could donate money to the Red Cross to help our urgent needs Rochester through the United Way’s ROCTheDay event; #GiveWithMeaning and provide warmth and strength to disaster victims anywhere; give the lifesaving gift of blood. You could also donate some of your time at your local Red Cross chapter to help those in need.

Joseph Levy, Communications Intern